Off the beaten track, discover hidden pathways

Off the beaten track, discover hidden pathways

Post By: Bibi

The island knows so many great hidden pathways worthwhile discovering. Even if you come to Ibiza for many years, you will be surprised by the beauty of the island when you spend more time in nature. Hereby Can Sastre’s recommendations to enjoy the island in a different way.



It’s currently one of the most upcoming activities on the island. Hiking towards hidden bays, secret caves, rocky bridges and viewpoints over green valleys. Whether you go with or without kids, there are so many routes to explore. A small selection of our favourites:


Sa Talaia – it’s the highest point of the island. From the village Sant Josep you will be able to walk up in 45-60 minutes. The views along the way and especially from the top are impressive. With almost 360 degrees views you will see the island from a new perspective and find out how incredibly green the island actually is. Fun to do and very rewarding to grab a breakfast or lunch afterwards in one of the cafés of Sant Josep. More details can be found here.


Cala Bonita – you’ll probably know the charming chiringuito in the little bay close to Jesus? Did you know there is a nice walk starting from this bay? Once you’ll walk towards the beach you’ll go left up the rocks and follow the pathway with the sea on your right hand. It will bring you towards a small bay where you can take swim or a picnic before you walk back. Stunning views over the ocean and fairly short, so suitable with children.
More details can be found here.


Portixol – have you ever heard of the teardrop bay that can only be accessed by boat or after a great hike? Once you’ll drive towards urbanisation Isla Blanca not far from Sant Miguel, you’ll walk on a rough stone path downwards alongside a quiet neighbourhood with some villas. Once you’ll see the sea you’ll walk through the forest high above the sea level. It will lead you all the way to the teardrop bay where it’s amazing to snorkel because of its clear water and your can sit down against the fishermans houses. More details can found here.


Santa Agnes – the beautiful village is very nice and calm in wintertime. But especially in January and February it is one of the best places to go to admire the blooming almond blossom trees. Full valleys with white and pink blossom flowers. There is no particular route, just walk in this area on camino’s (rough pathways) to see the beauty of the area.


Do you prefer to explore the island with a guide? Have a look at the Facebookpage of Walking Ibiza to see if you can join a community walk. Do you want to see more extreme spots? Get in touch with Ibiza Hike Station who certainly knows the most challenging and Instragramable places of the island. You’ll definitely go to hidden pathways you would never have found on your own.



If you love to mountainbike you should definitely come to Ibiza out of the peak season. The island has plenty of fabulous routes through hills and forest. From routes that will bring you to bays such as Cala Bassa to more intense routes with lots of climbing. You could rent a mountain bike and discover hidden pathways on your own, or rent them through Bike Ibiza with a guide to avoid you’ll get lost. It’s certainly a whole new experience to explore the island during holiday.


Aren’t you a big fan of mountain biking but do you love a city bike? Then Bamboo Bike Tours Ibiza offers great city tours on beautiful Bamboo bikes in the heart of Ibiza town, along the salt fields and colorful street art. The great thing is that they can guide you in multiple languages if you book on time.




Yogi’s love Ibiza for a reason. There are breath taking viewpoints, hidden spots to see the sun rise or go down. Es Vedra is such a magnetic spot that attracts people to do yoga or meditate towards the rock. Lauri from One Day Retreat offers various classes, whole and half day retreats, where you will be able to recharge yourself in nature. She’ll bring you to hidden spot that will certainly add a new dimension to your yoga session. 



And if you’re more in the mood for a laidback but fully prepared picnic, get in touch with Into the Wild Picnics. They offer delicious, comfortable and lovely styled picnic set-ups in nature. Perfect for a romantic moment, celebration or to surprise your loved ones. The owner knows the island so well that she’ll always be able to bring you to an unforgettable spot.


Stay at Can Sastre

Can Sastre is the ideal get-away to discover the hidden pathways on the island. The convenient, central location makes our boutique hotel easily accessible from anywhere on the island. It’s just a 10-minute to Ibiza-town and literally around the corner of Santa Gertrudis and Sant Rafael. Open all year round.  Read more about our agroturismo.