The Telegraph review; Easy to feel at home

The Telegraph review; Easy to feel at home

Post By: Bibi

Last summer the Rebecca Tay from The Telegraph came over to our boutique hotel. She has written a review on The Telegraph where Can Sastre comes out with a 9/10.  She said it’s easy to feel at home at our hotel. We love to share their opinion with you. 

The Telegraph

“It’s easy to feel at home at Can Sastre, whether you’re nestled in a plush lounger by the keyhole-shaped pool or chilling in the cool air of your suite. Since coming under new ownership, this four-room hotel has been given a very stylish upgrade – one that adds to its boutique-y, relaxing feel.

There’s a stylish, homely feel about Can Sastre, from the black sundresses worn by female staff (who immediately hand you a clicker for the gate so you can come and go as you please) to the large, driftwood table where guests congregate for a poolside nightcap.

Since being taken over by Dutch owners in 2018, the suites have been upgraded with furniture and décor so that they all have a rustic, beach house feel – think peacock chairs, bamboo towel racks, wicker lampshades, woven seagrass rugs and dreamcatchers on the walls. Meraki amenities are used throughout, and the scent of ‘Sandcastles and Sunsets’ added to the seaside vibe in my room.

Can Sastre feels more like a villa shared with friends than a hotel – so much so that you can leave your room unlocked if you go exploring for the day and feel at ease; this is relatively rare in Ibiza. The hotel is licensed to accommodate four sets of guests, but they have more than four room types available, including a large suite that stretches across the entire first floor of the main house which can be booked by special request. ”

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